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We use Quad-Lock, Reward Wall Systems, Logix Blocks, and Lite Deck ICF building systems where concrete structures are recommended such as in flood zones.

ICF walls complete, roof on, and ready for siding.  This is the Acorn Design Studio where you can see, touch, and feel the difference between ICF and conventional wood frame construction.  Visit us at 4941 Soundside Drive, Gulf Breeze, FL.  Call for appointment 850.748.3066.

The blocks are very light.  That kid's got an arm!

Will lays up the blocks over a widow opening.

Will lays #5 rebar over the window buck.

Carl & Hank brace off the front door opening to keep it plumb and square when the concrete is poured.  You can see the metal braces holding the ICF blocks in place.  These braces will keep the walls straight and plumb when the heavy concrete is poured down into ICF blocks.

Carl reinforces the window bucks to keep the foam ICF from bowing out when the concrete is poured into the walls.  The window bucks will be used to fasten the windows and doors to the walls after the concrete is poured.

Robert pumps the ICF forms full of concrete.

Mike is controlling the boom pump, Robert is placing the concrete, and Hank is operating the vibrator.  It takes a well coordinated team effort to work this part of the wall.

Mike operates the vibrator which helps the concrete flow to where it needs to go.  The walls are full of steel rebars and webbing which tends to block the flow of concrete.

Hank taps the walls to consolidate the concrete, eliminating voids, and preventing honey combing.

Will finishes off the top of the walls.  You can see the anchor bolts and straps which will connect the roof framing to the walls.

Will sets a window.  The windows are screwed into the wooden bucks surrounding the opening the same way as they do in conventional wood framed homes.

Gerry seals the window flanges to the ICF block with a rubberized coating impregnated fabric.

Travis cuts grooves in the foam with an electric chain saw to make channels for the wires.

Kevin uses a hot iron to melt the foam to make room for switch and outlet boxes.

You'd never know this is an ICF home until you go inside.  Quiet, comfortable, and energy efficient.  Visit this model ICF home at 4941 Soundside Drive, Gulf Breeze, FL.  Call for appointment 850.748.3066.

Insulated Concrete Form construction uses foam form blocks to encapsulate concrete to create super insulated concrete structures.  These structures are extremely energy efficient, hurricane resistant, and silent inside.

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