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  • 3000 psi concrete ensures a strong slab
  • Slabs have steel reinforcement to prevent excessive cracking
  • Saw cut control joints in strategic places prevent uncontrolled cracking


  • 2x6 exterior walls
  • 6" two step fascia boards
  • Advanced framing techniques
  • Open corners and tees for complete insulation in dead spaces
  • Insulated window and door headers
  • Built-in entertainment centers, art niches, and arches
  • Interior sound attenuation batts for privacy between bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas
  • Blocking for solid attachment of towel bars and TP holders in all bathrooms
  • Stainless steel bolts, straps, clips, and nails where exposed to salt air prevents rust, staining, and degradation of holding power
  • Copper deck flashing where exposed to salt air
  • Duorock® cement board in tile showers

Windows and Doors

  • Vinyl insulated windows with low e coating (low emissivity = less heat loss in winter)
  • Impact glass windows, no storm panels needed, protection against break ins
  • Fiberglass exterior entry doors with stainless steel hinges won’t rust
  • High performance sliding glass doors for long life and storm wind resistance

Secondary rain barrier system

  • Secondary rain barrier (zip wall) installed properly with all joints sealed ensures no water will get into the wall even if there is a leak at the window or in the siding.
  • Proper window head flashing is installed to ensure proper water shedding action.
  • Windows and doors are flashed, screwed, and sealed properly to prevent water intrusion.


  • Vinyl soffits, fascia, and porch ceilings for maintenance free exterior
  • Wood sub soffits prevent vinyl from blowing off during high winds
  • 2 step facia keeps drip stains off facia metal
  • 24 gauge steel eve metal holds it's shape better
  • Fiber cement board siding won't rot, crack, or degrade, and holds paint longer than wood.
  • Duorock cement based stucco system, no foam based systems or fake stucco.


  • Hard coat stucco finish coat systems with Duorock fiber reinforced cement board substrate
  • No EFIS (Exterior Finish Insulation System) or foam based stucco wall systems which don't hold up well and are prone to leaks


  • Peal and seal subroof (full coverage)
  • 30 year architectural shingles
  • Optional 26 gauge metal roofing
  • Completely sealed roof system to minimize water intrusion during hurricanes
  • Long life roof jacks instead of cheap plastic jacks

Energy Efficient Features

  • Home is built to the Earth Cents, Energy Star, and Earth Wise energy efficiency standards
  • Foam wall insulation minimizes outside air infiltration and maximizes energy efficiency and sound attenuation
  • Foam attic insulation keeps attic and AC ducts cool
  • Sound batts between all bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas for increased privacy
  • High efficiency air conditioning systems
  • Variable speed air handlers for superior comfort and sound suppression
  • Zip wall, air tight, wall sheathing with all joints sealed.  Far superior to standard house wrap.
  • Foam seal all voids around windows, wires, and pipes
  • Foam sill plate gaskets
  • Vinyl insulated impact glass windows with low e coating
  • Home is air infiltration testing to insure an air tight building envelope
  • We take building high performance energy efficient homes seriously!

Air Leakage Testing

We test each home with our door fan system to ensure an air tight thermal envelope.  Our door fan creates a 50 pascal vacuum on the thermal envelope which simulates a 20 mph wind on all 4 sides.  This allows us to find and seal all air leaks.  An air tight home has a lower utility bill, lower humidity, more even temperature distribution, and higher comfort level.  We don't just talk about building a high performance energy efficient home.  We build it, test it, and prove it.

Heating and Cooling

  • Return air bypass ducts allow greater air circulation and comfort in bedrooms
  • Insulated return air chambers and AC closets keep things quiet
  • High efficiency heat pump system
  • Variable speed blower for more efficient and quieter operation
  • Optional geothermal heat pumps


  • ¾" water line to master bathrooms for high pressure feed to tub and shower
  • 1" water line from water meter to house for minimum pressure loss
  • 52 gallon water heaters
  • Optional gas tankless water heaters
  • Optional heat pump water heaters
  • All tubs are either acrylic or porcelain cast iron. No fiberglass or steel unless requested.
  • China or stone bathroom sinks
  • Pex water piping is impervious to chemical impurities in water that typically causes copper to pit, corrode, and eventually leak
  • Pex piping is more freeze tolerant and impervious to lightning damage
  • No water line joints under the slab
  • All drain pipes are leak tested at 10' of head pressure above the highest fixture
  • Optional whole house water filters


  • All copper wiring except for AC and water heater
  • All bedrooms are wired for ceiling fans and lights
  • Designer rocker switches
  • Optional manual generator transfer switch for emergency power generator
  • Optional automatic transfer switch and emergency power generator
  • All circuits calculated for load and installed so as to minimize voltage loss (exceeds National Electric Code requirements)
  • Audio-Video-Data distribution panel
  • LED light fixtures and bulbs
  • Optional Lutron lighting scene controls
  • Optional Lutron automated shade system

Audio Visual systems

  • TV outlets home run to control panel with high capacity RG-6 cable
  • Cat 5 phone TV andcomputer wiring home run to control panel
  • Pre-wire for security system
  • Optional pre-wire for HDTV & wall mounted TV's
  • Optional pre-wire for home theater
  • Optional pre-wire for surround and whole house sound
  • Optional Cat 5 computer outlets
  • Optional pre-wire for surveillance system


  • Drywall is nailed and screwed to minimize nail pops
  • Rounded corners are glued and mechanically fastened to ensure Walls are orange peel finish
  • Walls & ceilings are knock down or Spanish lace finish


  • Deluxe 5 ¼" or 7 ¼" base molding depending on ceiling height
  • 3 ¼" interior door trim
  • Solid core doors throughout the home for maximum durability and sound control
  • Super slide wire shelving in closets and pantry
  • Optional custom wood shelving
  • Deluxe 2 piece crown molding in living areas and master bedroom
  • 12" 100 tooth miter saw blade is used for clean cuts with no splintered ends
  • Window aprons have mitered and glued ends for superior look and durability
  • 1/4" routed edges on outside wood edges for best appearance and smooth finish
  • 3 gang nail pattern is used at all hinge and hardware locations for maximum stability
  • Exterior doors are sealed and fastened with 3" SS screws at hinges
  • Optional Rockwell 2 point multi-lock exterior door hardware


  • All walls receive primer + 2 coats of finish paint
  • Ceilings are spray painted and back rolled for even paint distribution
  • All trim is sanded smooth, primed + 2 coats of low VOC oil based paint
  • Doors and trim are spray painted for best finish
  • All trim joints are filled with premium caulk for maximum longevity


Bill Timlin installing cabinet crown molding
  • Custom hardwood cabinets or high quality factory built cabinets made to order
  • All wood boxes, no particle board
  • Custom designed doors, all styles and species available
  • Custom staining and glazed finishes
  • Custom crown moldings
  • Staggered height and depth wall cabinets for best appearance
  • Adjustable all wood shelves won't sag when heavily loaded
  • Soft close drawer guides in kitchen
  • Soft close concealed hinges

Progress Pictures

  • We take progress pictures and upload to our client service portal regularly so you can see what's going on and comment as needed.
  • As-built photos are taken at the framing stage so you’ll know what’s behind every wall
  • Share the creation of your dream home with friends and family all over the country


Optional live webcams on our job sites let you see what's going on from your PC, Ipad, or smartphone anytime and from anywhere.

Elevated deck coatings

  • Sealoflex deck coating ensures water tight elevated decks
  • Coating wraps up the walls and behind the siding for proper water shedding
  • Coating wraps into door jams and sills to prevent water intrusion

Swimming pools

  • Gunite swiming pools by Cox Pools.
  • Vinyl liner pools by Gulf Coast Pools.

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