Gallery Of Homes: Rauscher

Wagner with Blue Haven Pools grades in the pool and spa.

The green zip board wall sheathing with all joints taped and sealed provides for an water resistant and air tight thermal envelope.  House wrap just doesn't do the job by the time you pierce it with thousands of nails.  The zip board coating seals to the nail shanks.

Texting while cutting concrete?  No senior, I'm multi tasking.

Setting roof trusses.  The green coated zip board provides a superior secondary moisture barrier compared with standard house wrap. All joints are taped to provide an air tight thermal envelope.  Very little unwanted air infiltration gets through when this sheathing system is combined with foam insulation.  This system increases energy efficiency and reduces allergen air infiltration.  Learn more about ZipSystem

Alex fills the block cells on the foundation walls.

Mario pours the back porch.

Alex checks the block elevations with a laser level.

Spisa sets the anchor bolts where marked on the block walls.

Rauscher residence

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