Gallery Of Homes: DT Academy

Dollhouse view of floor plan looking north.

All hands on deck.  Bishop Young helps get ready for parent orientation.

Wanda gets ready for school.

Bennett gets ready for school.

Khalil installs the ramp hand rail.

Mark clears out around the school property

Teachers can't wait to start teaching

Willie B and Khalil install the classroom doors

Powering up

Tom lays a colorful tile pattern in the hallway.

Khalil uses whatever light he can get.

Willie B cuts holes in the parking lot to set the access ramp posts

Willie B and Khalil set the ramp posts

Khalil cuts out access ramp parts

Dennis fire caulks the hallway walls which must be one hour fire rated

Jesse with Ken's Electric wires up the classroom lights

Michael G shoots metal stud framing to the red iron roof structure with a Hiltigun

Greg Allen cuts the slab so plumbing can be installed.  He's using a spray hose to control the dust and keep the blade cool.

Willie P cuts metal studs for the wall framing

Khalil installs metal framing for one of the classrooms

Dollhouse view of floor plan looking south.

Typical classroom.

DT Academy was created by remodeling a dry goods warehouse into a K-6 school.  Bishop Young's lifelong dedication to community child development is responsible making this happen.

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