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Outstanding home award 2013 Parade of Homes

Second floor porch/deck

Second floor porch/deck

Seated view from second floor deck shows how little the stainless steel wire rope railing obstructs the view

View from the 3rd floor master suite deck

Sharla and Ted Gorder standing in the external cargo lift

Robbie, Brandon, Shannon, and Mike admiring their work

Gerry installs horizontal wall skirting

Shawn sets the tile in the master shower

Cutting out the lavatory holes in the bathroom granite vanity tops

Installing composite decking on the back porch

Gerry fits stair end caps

Sanding the quarts counter top edges

We used open cell foam for the walls, roof, and floor system.  This makes for an extremely energy efficient thermal envelope.

We use our door fan to measure air leakage at the framing stage and again at completion.  It's not enough just to do all the right things and hope for the best.  It's critical to test for success and find all the areas that were missed and seal them up.  We don't just say we build a high performance energy efficient home, we prove it!

The door fan draws a 50 pascal vacuum on the building which simulates a 20 mph wind on all 4 sides, top, and bottom of the home and measures the number of air changes per hour leaking into the home (ACH50).  We tested at .94 ACH.  That would be classified as a Super High Performance Home.

These are the national performance guidelines:

1.5 - 4 ACH = High Performance Home

4    - 7 ACH = Energy Efficient Home

8    - 12ACH = Standard New Home

11  - 21ACH = Standard Existing Home

18  - 35ACH = Standard Older Home

Wow!  Off the chart.  .94 air changes per hour at 50 pascals of vacuum at the framing stage!

Will seals the deck posts to the deck with seloflex rubberized coating.

Nate drills holes for the tie rods which hold the walls to the beams connected to the pilings.  You can see installed rods to the left and right.

Robbie has "cyphered out" how the stairs will fit and cuts the stringers to his measurements.

Brandon cranks down on a chain fall to adjust the alignment of a stair platform post.  These posts need a lot of persuasion to move.

Jason screws in the window flanges with 3" #10 screws every 6" all the way around the window.

Red and Brandon align the 3rd floor porch roof support posts.

Junior and Nate set the 3rd floor porch support posts.

50 mil peal & seal membrane sub roofing is installed as a secondary water resistive barrier.  If the primary roof is damaged during a hurricane the secondary barrier serves to prevent water intrusion.

We use Zip Wall which has a green water and air infiltration coating to greatly improve the energy efficiency of the thermal envelope of the building.

Nate drills holes for the lower band bolt.

Bo screws the floor decking to avoid future squeaks and nail pops.  Nails would work their way out as the floor system moves and vibrates in the wind.

Nate applies glue to the floor trusses before the floor decking is laid.

Red makes seat cuts in the pilings for the floor beams.

Ted & Sharla Gorder's dream home and they've been dreaming about this for quite a while.  It's finally about to come true.  Front porch stairs and railing not shown.  They'll be throwing down a rope ladder.  It's the latest trend in architectural cross fitness desgin.

Gorder residence

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