Gallery Of Homes: Kraussman

Master shower
Master bath

Green zip board wall sheathing creates an air tight, energy efficient, thermal envelope.

"Right here", says Jim for the palm tree.

Jim and crew with Pinelands Landscaping plant a palm tree the front yard.

Spraying foam in all the nooks and crannies of the thermal envelope is a very tedious job.

JP and Slim set the dining room window

Setting the trusses

Brian pours the safe room walls and roof.

The safe room is completed before framing continues

Standing up the walls

Brian Rainey sets the anchor bolts.

John, Chief, Roy, and Kurt screed the concrete.

Brian bull floats the back porch.

Roy, Kurt, filling in the back walls, Brian supervising.

Noah with Ready Mix USA helping out with refreshments.

Kraussman residence

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