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Doug Scott relaxing in his favorite spot.

We got the ultimate compliment from the owner's 6 year old daughter.  Looks like we've peaked.  How are we gonna top that?

Our final air leakage test came in at 1.3 air changes per hour at 50 pascals of vacuum which simulates a 20 mph wind on all 4 sides of the home. We tested off the chart! I guess we're going to have to create a new category: Supper High Performance Home.

These are the national performance guidelines:

1.5 - 4 ACH = High Performance Home

4    - 7 ACH = Energy Efficient Home

8    - 12ACH = Standard New Home

11  - 21ACH = Standard Existing Home

18  - 35ACH = Standard Older Home

Gerry installs the shutters.  These shutters are made from high density composite rot resistant materials designed for long term endurance.

Gerry check fits the stair hand rail parts.

Jasper installs the upper deck porch railing.

Dennis builds the mail box.

Finished textured and stained driveway surface.

Gerry sprays concrete stain on the driveway.

Jasper sprays concrete stain on the driveway border.

Brian creates a slate impression in the concrete surface with roller stamp.

Brian and Kurt work the concrete on the driveway.

Roy runs a blade tamper over the fill dirt to create a solid surface under the driveway.

John checks the pitch on the walkway and fine tunes the grade so that water drains away from the house.

Brian cuts in control joints to relive stress in the concrete as it shrinks.

Dave installs wood flooring in the foyer.

Gerry attaches the mantel which has been fabricated from the original mantel salvaged from the owner's child hood home.

Gerry installs custom wood shelving in the safe room/guest bedroom closet.  The safe room is engineered to handle 200 mph winds and 100 mph missile impacts.

Gerry sprays lacquer finish on the custom closet shelving he's making for the master closet.

Gerry fabricates the custom closet wardrobe systems.

Andrew sets the stone pencil rail around the master tube surround.

Dan Installs the kitchen back splash tile.

Randy installs the circuit breakers in sub panels.

Barbara Scott measures for the location of the outdoor fire pit.

Installing the liner

Shaping the pool with a mortar bed.

Concrete footings are poured to lock in the walls and stair well.

Assembling the pool walls.

Digging the pool.

Shawn polishes the edges of custom made travertine trim pieces for the master shower.

Mike with Superior Granite takes measurements with a digital template machine so that the granite tops can be cut for precise fitment.

Gerry builds custom closet cabinets designed to fit the owner's wardrobe.

Bill cuts trim pieces for the kitchen cabinets.

We're being watched.

Robert and Steve apply Glidden's top grade exterior paint to the cement siding.

Gerry cuts 7" crown for the family room.

The green zip wall board is a coated sheathing that protects the wood and air seals the home.

Willie pours the ceiling of the safe room.  The box forms the opening for the AC ducts.

Jasper drills holes to epoxy glue the steel dowels in place to anchor the safe room walls to the foundation.

Willie G on the rotary trowel.

Calvin uses a horse hair broom to put a fine grained finish on the front porch slab.

Willie G cuts in a tooled joint in the back porch slab

Logan with Eager Beaver Professional Tree Care prunes a heritage oak.  These big oaks require periodic pruning to keep the canopy from becoming too wind resistant and vulnerable to damage during hurricanes.

Derek with Eager Beaver Professional Tree Care grinds a big pine stump.

Front view

Left front view

Left rear view showing the garage entrances.  The old home had a 2 car garage on the right side which was hard to get into.  Since the lot sits on a corner it gave me the opportunity to put a 3 car garage on the side street which has less traffic.  This keeps the front elevation free and clean of a large garage entry.  From the front it looks like a larger home.

Right rear view showing the safe room off the master suite.  The master closet is in the safe room which can withstand tornado force winds of 250 mph.  It has solid concrete walls and ceiling with a steel reinforced door.

Right front view shows the safe room which doubles as the master closet.  I made it a separate wing to balance out the left side first floor structures.

top view

You can see why the old home had to go.  Mail box, too.

The Scotts built their new home on the site of Mrs. Scott's child hood home.  Her old home, built in the 70's, was demolished to make room for the new home.  Their lot is in the heart of Gulf Breeze and has 8 big beautiful oak trees.  I designed and sited their home to save all but one. 

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