Gallery Of Homes: Reyes

Vinings brick supplied by WR Taylor.

Gunite pool in back yard

Floor plan

Superior Granite did a great job on the counter tops. Stone backsplash by Prosource.

Family room


Living room

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Master bathroom

Master shower

David Lowery's boys hard at work. Lowery Masonry.

Precision brick work by Lowery Masonry.

Framing up the front porch.

Rich is blowing cellulose insulation into every nook and cranny of the exterior walls to achieve a true R-21 wall. Fiberglass batts just can't fill the wall cavities completely and thus are unable to achieve their rated R-values. Borate is mixed in to kill bugs, too. Installation by CQ Insulation.

Rasping off the excess blown cellulose.

Setting the roof trusses supplied by ProBuild.

Setting the roof trusses supplied by ProBuild.

Pouring the roof on the safe room. Note the steel reinforcement in that roof!

Digging the pool with an excavator.

Forming up the pool and installing the steel reinforcement.

Shooting the pool shell.

Shooting the pool shell.

Pool shell complete.

Tony mixes the pool plaster.

Plastering the pool shell.

Plastering the pool shell.

Cutting the pavers to fit around the pool.

Moving the septic tank to the back yard.  That was a tight fit!

The safe room doubles as a closet in the master bedroom.

Joe Jones from Gulf Power conducts the air leakage testing to determine how air tight the home is. A door fan draws a vacuum on the house. The fan speed is compared with the vacuum to determine the equivalent hole in the home which is the sum total of all the little leaks in the walls and ceilings. Joe said this is definitely a tight home. The duct testing fan is in the lower left hand corner which does the same thing with the AC duct work. I had the electricians and AC technicians seal up every one of their components where they penetrated the drywall. It all paid off.

The duct fan tests the air tightness of the AC ducting system. We passed with an A rating. Learn more about Earth Cents Home air ducting specs.

The breakfast nook had to be enlarged to accommodate the owner's furniture.

Kitchen view to breakfast nook.

Master suite view. You can see the concrete block safe room/closet.

Custom shaped gunite pool with paver deck.

Computer pool rendering

Cedar waxwing

Reyes residence

The Reyes' contacted me from Germany where they were stationed in the Air Force. I completed all the design work via the internet. I sent them 3D exterior and interior views showing how their furniture worked within the various rooms. When all the details were worked out we started construction about a month before they transferred to Eglin. This greatly reduced the time they had to spend in an apartment. Their home incorporates all my Storm-Tuff features as well as Earth Cents and Energy Star features. 3 1/2 months from start to finish with a pool. Wow! That's a record for me.

I'm going to go take a nap now. House is 2670 SF, 4BR, 3 bath, with study and living room. This home is built to take hits from hurricanes and keep the owners safe from tornadoes. No reason to evacuate for any storm threat.

Les White, Acorn Construction General Contractor, #RG0055853
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