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Coastal traditional architecture makes this home look like it belongs in Seaside, quite at home on the water.

The entire ground floor is a 1750 sf garage with room for 4 vehicles and a large shop area with a half bath and a dumb waiter up to the top 2 floors.

The concrete flow diverters channel flood waters through the rear garage and middle doors away from any structural support walls. The porch columns are anchored to sub surface concrete grade beams tied into the main foundation to resist scour and impact from floating debris.

What a jewel!

The home's unique flood-thru design worked perfectly during hurricane Ivan in 2004 when the flood waters flowed through the water side garage doors and came out the front garage doors without causing any structural damage. No expensive blow out walls to repair. You can see how the structural walls which are perpendicular to the wave action have not been damaged. Solid concrete flow diverters on the back side channeled flood waters through the rear garage door openings and out the front. You can see these flow diverters in the rear elevation picture.

Living room.

Living room

Breakfast nook

Granite tops by Classic Design.

Master bedroom has a borrowed view through the master bathroom. There are twin pocket doors to close off the room when desired.

Who couldn't relax here? Just open the windows and you'll think your in a spa out on the back porch.

Master shower

Guest bedroom.

What was I worried about again? Must not have been too important.

Second floor plan

Third floor plan


  • 2750 sf living
  • 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath, living room, dining room/study
  • Flow-thru garage design
  • Geothermal heat pump
  • Metal roof
  • Andersen sliding glass doors
  • Vinyl windows
  • Central vac
  • Whole house sound, cable, network
  • 3 station dumb waiter

The Sunset

This was my model home and office for many years. I built it in 1997 after completing extensive hurricane Erin and Opal repair work on Navarre Beach. I incorporated into this home everything I learned about why buildings failed or survived in hurricanes after seeing what made the difference on Navarre Beach. Since then this home as survived everything mother nature has thrown at it while all the neighbor's homes have been extensively damaged or totally destroyed.

Les White, Acorn Construction General Contractor, #RG0055853
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