Gallery Of Homes: Henry

The rear garage doors allow flood waters to pass through without damaging the walls

Living room with built-in entertainment center. The owner built the ceiling detail. Pretty crafty guy!


Top floor game room.

4' Ivan flood waters flowed through the garage in 2004 with no structural damage. No blowout walls to repair. Just clean up and replace the garage doors!

Inside garage. You can see the high water mark at about 4'. Steel columns and concrete walls support the floors above instead of pilings. No blow out walls to repair. Flood waters flowed through the garage door openings instead of knocking down blow out walls. Repair costs were a small fraction of what it would have been to repair blowout walls.

Second floor plan

Third floor plan


  • Flood-thru first floor garage
  • Concrete first floor walls
  • 3 station elevator
  • Andersen sliding glass doors
  • Standing seam metal roof
  • Built-in entertainment center
  • Storm-tuff features
  • Vinyl impact glass windows

The Henry residence

This beautiful home handled the storm surge during hurricane Ivan quite well. The water flowed through the garage doors on the water and came out the front doors at the street. No blow out walls to repair!

"I'm a retired automotive component manufacturer. I had a lot of fun working with Les on the design and construction of my home. He was on the job every day making sure the job went the way I wanted. We got hit pretty hard by hurricane Ivan in 2004 but our home handled it well"

~ Tom Henry

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