Gallery Of Homes: Storm-Tuff

Acorn homes are built to handle hurricanes!

2x6 walls resist wind and missile impacts much better than 2x4 walls.

This is why you need impact glass. This window was hit so hard during hurricane Ivan in 2004 that two 2x6 wall studs were cracked yet the window held thus preventing massive internal overpressure and water intrusion. I think something must have blown off Portofino tower which you can see through the window.

Impact glass windows protect your home from vandalism as well.  Vandals attempted to break into this home during construction.  They tried to throw a brick through the window but it only broke through the outer pane and bounced off the inner pane which has a protective impact film on the glass.

Impact glass windows: The lazy man's storm shutters.

This sub roof is an 80 mil self adhering roll roofing product which seals around the shingle nails when penetrated so even if you loose some shingles during a hurricane you still have a secondary rain barrier underneath to help keep the water out.  Insurance companies offer discounts for having this feature on your home.

Steel tie rods connect the top of the second floor walls all the way down into the concrete foundation.

Wood backing behind all vinyl soffits and porch ceilings prevents wind from blowing out vinyl during storms.

A safe room engineered to resist 250 mph winds and 100 mph missile impacts offers great protection for you family and pets during hurricanes. You don't have to worry about evacuating anymore, finding a place to stay, loosing time off work, or wondering what happened to your home while you were gone. Learn more about safe rooms.

A whole house generator keeps the refrigerator cold, the lights on, and the AC running during and after the storm.

Storm-Tuff construction features

  • 2x6 exterior walls
  • Impact glass windows
  • Peal and seal subroof
  • 140 mph wind engineering
  • Wood backed vinyl soffits
  • Steel tie rods
  • Safe room
  • Whole house generator
  • Insurance discounts up to 20%

Storm-Tuff construction allows you to live safely in hurricane country

I build homes to survive hurricanes, protect their owners, and decrease the stress of living through hurricane season.

2x6 exterior walls protect better against high winds and debris impacts. Higher R-value insulation, too.

Impact glass windows prevent windborn debris from penetrating the windows and precipitating catastrophic interior damage. They provide protection 24/7 without the need for putting up storm panels every time a hurricane comes into the Gulf. Impact glass windows eliminate the need to endanger yourself while installing storm panels in hard to reach areas requiring ladders and there are no unsightly bolts or brackets on your home as required for storm panels.

The peal and seal sub roof is a 50 mil thick bituminous roof underlayment which adheres directly to the roof decking. This secondary rain barrier keeps water out even when shingles are ripped off the roof during high winds. The loss of just a few shingles can often result in massive water damage to the ceilings, furnishings, and floors of your home. The sub roof is like a spare tire for your roof. It's there to get you home in the event you loose a few shingles.

Steel tie rods create a superior connection between the first and second floor walls. These tie rods extend from the top of the second floor walls down into the concrete foundation.

Wood backing behind vinyl soffits prevents wind storm blowouts. Vinyl soffits and porch ceilings will flex and blow out during windstorms if not backed by wood. I combine the ease of maintenance of vinyl with the strenth of wood to create a survivable low maintenance exterior finish.

A safe room allows you to stay at home instead of evacuating every time a hurricane comes our way. My Safe-at-Home storm shelters are engineered to withstand 250 mph winds and 100 mph missle impacts. If you're tired of worrying about whether to evacuate or not, where to go, what to do with pets and family members who won't or can't travel, then a safe room will solve your problem. Instead of evacuating because a hurricane might hit you can stay at home and if the winds get too strong then just go in your safe room. Learn more about safe rooms.

Whole house generators allow you to live comfortably during the aftermath of a storm. Food stays cold and you have the ability to function relatively normally until infrastructure repairs are completed. The house electrical system can be set up for a small 5-7 kw portable generator with a manual transfer switch or larger 20-25kw whole house generators with an automatic transfer switch.

All these improvements not only protect you and your home but they also qualify you for up to 20% discount on your homeowners insurance.

Les White, Acorn Construction General Contractor, #RG0055853
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