Construction Process: Tile and stone work

Travertine tub deck with tumbled stone tile accent wall.

Darin installs a soap dish.  Note the duorock behind the tile which has been sealed with green aquaseal to ensure a complete water tight enclosure.

Darin cuts travertine tile into corner shelves for the shower.

Darin sets listello feature tile in the master shower.

William grinds rounded edges into travertine for the shower door jam bullnose pieces.

William polishes the edges of the travertine bullnose pieces with a wet grinder.

Darin layes in the shower floor.  Note the travertine door jam pieces in the foreground.  These are much better looking that regular tile.  The joints are tighter and they can be made to look like one solid piece of natural stone.

Travertine tub deck and window sills coordinated with porcelain tile walls.

Travertine shower with tumbled stone floor and accent belt.

David lays in travertine tile pieces on the curved stair case.  Travertine is a great material to use on stair cases because it can easily be cut, shaped, and polished to fit odd shapes.  It can be laid with tight joints so as to appear to be solid stone.

Installing travertine on the living room stair case.

Darin installs a feature diamond in the stone kitchen backsplash.

Hardibacker board is used as an underlayment over all wood floors.

Andrew installs a radiant floor heating grid under the tile floors.

Andrew lays tile over the radiant floor heating grid.

Granite selections are coordinated with floor tile and cabinet samples.  There are a couple of stone distributor yards in our area where you can select your granite and have the slabs shipped to our fabricator for cutting, polishing, and installation.

The first of 3 Magma Circa stone for the kitchen tops is being transported to the cutting table.  You can see the clear plastic templates outlining the bar top and one section of the counter top.  The templates are positioned to take best advantage of the movement in the stone to display its natural beauty to its best effect.  Particular attention must be paid to seams where two pieces joint together so that the stone color and movement blend well between one stone piece and another.  It takes a good eye to pull that off with a stone with this much color and movement.  That Magma Circa is gorgeous!  It's going to take your breath away when you walk into the kitchen, everyday.

Jason marks up the slab with registration lines.  The templates are then removed and the slab is coated with a sealer to prevent staining during cutting.  Next, the templates are laid back down and positioned over the registration lines for the cut.

Jason makes the cuts with a diamond wet saw along the edges of the templates.  The table rotates to position the slab for each cut.  There aren't many places you can go to work in your bathing suit and flip flops.   This is one of them.

The granite is the star in this kitchen.  What a beautiful kitchen, full of natural beauty.

Mingo sets the stones on the living room fireplace and carefully checks for level.

Eddie and Miguel grout the stone wall above the fireplace.

Darin dry fits the slate tiles for on the game room fireplace hearth.

Stacked stone veneer fireplace in the Haggett game room.

Stacked stone veneer fireplace in the Haggett living room

Mantel is a 100+ year old hand hewn timber from an old barn in Missouri.  Fireplace is a gas operated stainless steel model designed to withstand the elements.

Emil and John installing the stone railing.

Setting the stone veneer on the front column pillars.

Bob Nordhues with Coastal Stoneworks puts the finishing touches on his fireplace masterpiece.

We built this doorless shower with glass block.

Quality Tile  and stone Work

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