Construction Process: Painting

James paints around a dove nest.  We try to stay on good terms with all the neighbors.
James rolls the walls with high quality Sherwin Williams paint.  We prime and 2 color coat all walls with Sherwin Williams highest quality eggshell finish paint.  Eggshell is durable, washable, and can be touched up as needed.  A great combination of features.
James touch up primes the doors prior to sanding.  The garage has been turned into a paint booth to paint the doors to a smooth showroom quality finish.  This is the first in a 4 step preparation process.  The doors come pre primed from the factory but they need quite a bit of retouching and sanding to get them ready for a high grade finish paint job.
Ann sands smooth each door carefully.  Good prep makes for a good paint job.
Brian cleans each door with a soft cotton rag.
James sprays the first coat (tack coat).  After this coat dries he will spray the second finish coat.  He's using Sherwin Williams Pro Classic, their top of the line oil based paint, for a durable show room finish.  These doors will have a deep reflective shine which can only be obtained with a high quality oil based paint.  Some painters think they can get a good shine with latex paint.  I'm not convinced.
George finish paints the crown molding.  All interior trim is prepped, sanded, primed, and 2 coat finished with alkyd paint for a showroom shine.
Jimmy puts the finishing touches on the fiberglass doors he has stained for a wood appearance that's so good you can't tell it's fiberglass until you touch it.
Caulk and prep are a most important party of any quality paint job. We use Sherwin Williams 60 year caulking.
We use Sherwin Williams primer and paint specifically formulated for use with hardiboard siding providing maximum adhesion and durability.
Patti Schlotterlein paints a mouse in Ava's playroom.  See more examples of her work on her website.
The Owner asked Patti to paint a scene around a snow white tapestry.  Here she's putting the finishing touches on a pair of lady bugs.
Patti creates a cast stone effect on these dining room columns.
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Acorn homes Include a top quality paint job

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