Construction Process: Interior

Ricky finishing the archway. I inspect the drywall once it's hung and check to make sure no outlets, switches, can lights, wires, etc. are covered up. Before the drywall is installed I marked up the plans to show the "as-built" locations of all these items. After the drywall is hung I go around the house and check to see that they aren't covered up. If I find something missing then I go to the photos I took before the drywall was installed, print them out and tape them to the wall so they can be cut out. Even the best drywallers bury fixtures occasionally. I inspect again before texturing to make sure everything is sanded smooth and all edges are clean and straight.

It's important to plan this from the beginning which means remembering to not install the second floor access window until after the drywall is loaded.

Spraying drywall texture.

Using a broad blade trowel to knock down the texture to create a spanish lace or knock down wall finish.

James applying the first finish coat of paint. All walls are primed then first coat finish painted before the trim is installed. The final wall coat is installed toward the end of the job when all the other trades are out of the way.

Jacob installing a two piece crown. Note the nailing blocks on the left which insure a straight and secure crown molding application.

Brian and James painting the crown with oil based paint. Oil beats latex for a smooth, shiney, and hard shell finish.

Bob of Coastal Stoneworks applying travertine to a cast stone fireplace mantel.

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Interior finish work

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