Current Projects: Antinnes residence

Screwing down decking on the second floor.

Lee drilling in the pile cap anchors bolts.

Jackson setting the pile caps.

Setting the stair pilings

Zack and Bubba check elevations, making sure the pilings are driven to the correct depth and the all the tops are at the correct height. Concrete pilings require precision vertical and horizontal alignment unlike wooden pilings which can be cut and notched.

Zack, Bubba, and Matt set the template which guides the pilings into the ground at the correct spot.

Zack checks for plumb alignment as the piling descends into the ground.  Water is pumped into the hole through a pipe to create a slurry which allows the piling to descend into the hole under its own weight while suspended from a crane.

Bubba cuts off the lifting straps.

Matt & Bubba move the hammer rig into place which drives the pilings the last 5' into the ground for a solid connection to the bearing soils below.

Getting started.

Antinnes residence

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