Storm Stories: The Pelican's Roost story

Hurricane Ivan exposed a lot of water intrusion that had been going on well before the storm and rotting out the siding, structural sheathing, and framing.

This is a floor truss rotted away by water intrusion. It has lost all of its bearing capacity at the wall and the floor above it is actually sagging right here. We had to jack up the wall and repair the truss in place.

This is cedar siding done right. Both sides have been prepainted before installation and all the cut ends have been painted prior to installation. There is no place for moisture to get into the wood and start rotting it from the inside out. I installed impact glass vinyl windows and a metal roof. Now she'll be ready for the next hurricane.

The stairs were completely demolished by a man lift accident. The lift experienced a hydraulic failure causing the arm to come down. There were a couple of roofers in the basket at the time. They jumped out as the arm came down on the stairs. Fortunately they landed in the soft sand.

Better than new!

We did a total interior makeover as well.

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Pelican's Roost repair job

Here's another case of poor siding and flashing details. The beach environment is unforgiving of inferior materials and methods. You've got to use proper flashing techniques, copper flashing, stainless steel straps and fasteners or this is what you get 10 years later. The wind storms will eventually reveal these flaws created by years of slow deterioration.

"Thanks for doing a wonderful repair job on my unit. I'm glad I had someone I could trust to do this type of work"

~ Sharon Betpouey

Les White, Acorn Construction General Contractor, #RG0055853
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