Storm Stories: The Meyer story

This is why you need a peal and seal subroof. A few shingles blew off, water came in, and plop goes the ceiling. Learn more about Storm-Tuff construction.

All the homes around the Meyer residence were severely damaged or completely destroyed.

Good as new!  One of the first homes on the beach to reopen for rentals after Ivan.

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Just a temporary set back

I built this home on Pensacola Beach in 1999 and it did quite well during hurricane Ivan. As you can see in the foreground, not all its neighbors were so lucky. It lost a few shingles and as a result there was some internal water damage. This points out the value of a good subroof. This was one of the first homes ready for the 2005 summer rental market.

"Thanks for getting us back on the rental market so quickly. We were one of the first homes ready for the 2005 rental season. "

~ Rick Meyer

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